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2003 Bloggies

Thanks to Robyn for the heads up on the 2003 Bloggies! Let me second her suggestions for voting for Movable Type (web application) and Blogrolling (update monitor)! smile

Any suggestions for the other categories? I’ve got New Zealand and Canadian blogs I love, but I don’t know about many other country blogs to nominate.

Ahh, and I have several blogs on my list that are new last year (even though it seems like I’ve known these 3 for longer than that!!).

Best tagline? I know that last year, I nominated Gina for "One Brilliant Flash and Its Gone" (or something like that!). :giggle: I love that smile

Memes? Participation Positive would be a good one. I think the bloginality was a cool meme of the year, but I’m not sure if it is well known enough (although as of today, there are 829 people who have commented!).

So those are my notes for the moment on that topic ;)


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Let’s see...I’m having trouble with some of the categories as well.

For tagline, I’ve put Michele’s (asmallvictory.net)—"the gentle art of making enemies"

I nominated Blog Anon (bloganon.com) in the Australian category.

And of course I put Scripty Goddess in "best programming of a weblog site".

It will probably take me a day or two to complete the ballot though. Too much to think through! smile

Oh, thanks for the reminder of ScriptyGoddess! I almost forgot. That could work in several categories, actually! Oh, and theredkitchen would be a good group blog nominee smile

I so didn’t rememeber what countries anyone was in. sad

Yep, the Red Kitchen was #1 on my group blog list! ;)

Hey, thanks for the mention! I know I’m nominating Kadyellebee for like a dozen things. smile

It does feel like I’ve known you longer. I’ve only been blogging for about 6 months now. But I have made some wonderful friends in such a short time. smile

I voted on the Bloggies. I knew if I left it up I’d keep changing my answers, so I just filled it out to the best of my ability and clicked Send. I can’t wait to see who wins in all the categories. How exciting. smile

Oh I didn’t know you did that!! Wow.. neat laughing I love that tag line, I really should pull it out of the drawer again soon smile

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