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traveling family

I’m getting a bit worried. We have been trying to call E’s family for the last few days, and then last night multiple tries to find out when they are coming today. But we haven’t gotten a call back yet. I’m sure they’ve just been busy with the holidays, but you sure would think that if they were planning a trip up here, they would have called yesterday to confirm times and weather and stuff. If they had called, I would ask them what time they thought they’d get here—right now, I can only guess it will be sometime between 5pm and midnight. That’s a pretty large space to guess in. And as far as weather, there is a place on I-5 in the Syskiyous (Southern Oregon) where it says to carry chains and that there is roadside snow and patches of ice. And they are southern Californians who haven’t experienced driving in ice a lot!

So I guess we just wait to see what’s going on. I’m trying not to stress about it!

I’m hoping that they don’t show up in like 2 hours after driving all night to try and surprise us. That’s the kind of surprise I don’t need, because that WOULD stress me out!

Oh well, for the most part, I’m ready for them. No stress, right? There’s just a few last things I’d like to spiff up, and I still need to wrap E’s moms present because the cards I was making for it are still on my desk. Let’s just hope that they were so busy with other Christmas stuff that they just didn’t have an opportunity to let us know what’s going on.


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Know what’s funny? As I read this about the weather I looked at your weather thingie in the sidebar - it’s 51 degrees there right now - and it’s 43 degrees here in Houston! How is THAT for a switch?

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