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happy christmas eve!

Yay, its Christmas Eve!!! smile

I’m busily wrapping presents and printing inventory forms, and the end of Desk Set is on, and that makes me feel all Christmassy and cheery ( rina-doll , I can’t watch this w/o thinking of you and how proud I knew you’d be when I told you I watched it :giggle: )

E will be back soon from working only a half day, and I am running slow on all these projects, but I’ll be bloggy later—I need to share pictures of how I displayed my Christmas cards!!! smile


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I love that movie! That and Adam’s Rib. They’re such a fantastic on-screen couple.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Well, it’s Christmas Day here in New Zealand, so I’ll wish you a very Merry Christmas day to follow your Christmas Eve cheer! smile

Merry Christmas to you both - I hope it’s great!

Merry Christmas smile

She’s not the Hepburn that I adore, but that doesn’t stop me from loving that movie. Spencer Tracy *swoon*

Merry Christmas

WHeeee for Desk Set! I remember when we watched that together online, when I was a freshman. It’s such a fun movie. : ) I love that you watch it on your own still.

Merry Christmas, my dear. {{HUGS}} Today has been a good Christmas for me, and I hope yours was as good and happy. Love you so much, sweetie.

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