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game buying guide

A while back, kathy-bella asked me about what the best gaming system was, and I totally flaked on sending anything to her. So when I saw TechTV | 'Extended Play' Holiday Buying Guide tonight, I had to post it even though I’m freakin' late with it! smile Its got reviews of the different consoles and games too. If you are in the market for a new game system, check this out! I bet there will be deals after Christmas - return the crappy gifts you don’t like and get some games. LOL!

My pick is definitely the Playstation because it has the games I want to play on it. Even though the Game Cube has some fun looking games, it doesn’t play DVDs and you can’t play PSone games on it like you can the PS2. And the XBox just doesn’t have the game selection that E and I want. So that’s my thoughts smile


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Aww, don’t worry about it sweetie. The day after I sent you that e-mail my husband came home with the PS2 and said I bought it for him for Christmas. Wasn’t that nice of me? I’m such a good little wife. Didn’t even have to shop for it or anything. lol

I think PS2 is definitely the way to go! I *love* playing SSX Tricky snowboarding game, that is so fun! smile

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