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clean day

My downstairs is sparkley and clean. Vacuumed, straightened, wiped down, and dusted.

For those of you who know better than me being able to do that, Yes, I did rest. I laid on the couch and gave my sister instructions, and sorted a few piles, but didn’t do any cleaning myself. And then Matthew came and helped her this afternoon. It looks SO nice, and I’ve been instructed to not cook until my in-laws arrive on Wednesday!! wink

She’s gonna come back tomorrow and clean the bathrooms, and possibly take me to go and get some wrapping paper smile

So I’m a bit tired out just because of the last few days, but my house is clean, and that makes my heart happy!


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Kristine, you are a woman after my own heart. tehe smile

I wish my sister would come clean my place! ;)

Hey, I think your sister should take a trip to... gee, I dunno... Michigan!


I’m glad your house is sparkly clean. That is always a good feeling. laughing

I totally understand a clean home making you feel happy. Your sister seems like a great friend, which is awesome. Just make sure you don’t wear her out so that she has enough energy to come to visit me in NC. smile

i know exactly how you feel. smile

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