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goodbye win3x-95

Milbertus pointed out an article about the end of support/help for MS-DOS, Win 3.x, NT 3.x and Windows 95, ending this year. Wow.

I’ve actually used these operating systems. MS-DOS in high school - I didn’t use a GUI system until my junior year, but there were only 2 on campus. Senior year, I got to play more because my boss was the head of the computer department. I graded papers and actually got to enter them in on a colorful spreadsheet that I could click and move around on with a mouse! It was cool!

I particuarly remember playing with Win3.11 my freshman year of college, as that’s what was on my itty-bitty IBM that I brought to school for that year. (its being used now as the label printer at work, but it originally only had a 128MB hard drive and 4MB of ram, I think!!).

I still remember when I first saw Win95. My friend Keri had gotten a new computer, and it came installed. She was the first one in the girls dorm to have it, and tech support for the campus just wasn’t sure what to do with it. :g: So a few months later, I got mine upgraded, and that only enhanced my reputation wink

So I would gladly agree with the aforementioned article that Win3.x and Win95 really were amazing changes to the computer world. The jump from MS-DOS to Win 3.x was phenominal, and then the jump from Win 3.x to Win 95 was an amazing sequel to that jump. And the main workings of Win95 (spacewise, with the start button and movable windows and stuff) have survived through 98, ME, 2000, and XP—so the people being 95 must have been brilliant to come up with a format that was so long lasting.

What’s really amazing to me is how much computers have changed in my short adult life. Between learning learning to use a computer that used multiple floppy disks to boot it up and then Word Perfect 5.11 on a DOS computer my sophomore year of high school—and now, the amazing things that can be done on the computers in our house are awesome! That’s only a span of 12 or 13 years. very cool thoughts. Even though they are in the middle of the night smile


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It’s really scary to think what computers would be like, had Win3.x and Win95 not come around. What’s also odd, is that my programming job might not exist had those OS’s not been invented, or as popular as they became.

I’ve heard that they are going to stop tech support for 98 too. We are in the process of updating all our desktops to 2000, yahoo!!!

I remember the old days of the Apple II, which was my intro to computers, and the 8088 XT... Yes, it’s amazing, in some ways, how much has changed, though perhaps sometimes not for the better. Luckily for me, the entire house is updated to XP (except me, I’m with Linux now) so most of the usual tech support roles have become obsolete.

I remember when all we had was DOS. I wish that we had bought Microsoft stock 20 years ago, gads we would be super rich! We have seen them all, our first computer was a Commodore-64, remember those? smile Cool post girlie!

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