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trying to rest

I’ve been trying hard to rest today because I was pretty tired by the end of yesterday. I attempted to go back to bed, and lit my aromatherapy candle thing. I was almost asleep when the phone rang, and it was my sister. She made it home from school and wanted to tell me about all that. smile She did good on her test that she was most scared about, and so she was happy about that. She was gonna go Christmas shopping with mom, so we talked about that for a while. I got off the phone with her and was too awake to take another nap. So I played a bit of spyro until my mom called. Talked to her for a while about tonight, and she agreed to bring a cake to E’s party smile Yay, one less thing for me to worry about! Then Annette called about work stuff, and we ended up re figuring out a whole bunch of things and that took about 2 hours.

So my day has gone away - I haven’t done anything and I haven’t gotten a nap. Grrrr... I think I’m gonna go grab some food, but not too much so I’ll still be hungry at dinner, and curl up on the couch and watch soaps and try hard to relax. Oh, and put on some warm jammies instead of this robe - its kinda cold today!

Eventually, I’ll have to shower and wrap presents and reply to emails. But first, rest.


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