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More Like This From Others

I’m very intrigued by the lately discussions about More Like This From Others. Its such an interesting concept, but I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around how this will work for me. I *believe* that it is dependent on making the title of your entry be something recognizable by the other blogs that you frequently trackback. So giving an entry a title of "stuff and things" isn’t gonna be very useful. I *think* that’s how it works, but even after running a few tests, I’m still not 100% sure.

The original concept was Ben Hammerersley’s. He has more info on his blog

David already has created a plugin for it, which makes it much easier to implement into a blog.

Oh, maybe its based on categories rather than subjects. If so, then my category of geekyness is less likely to be found in other blogs because of it just being a silly name that I came up with. Hmmm.

So I’m gonna read more about this, and when I figure it out, you’ll all know :giggle:


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It’s pretty simple. It follows the trackback pings an entry has received back to their original entries, where it gathers other entries from that site based on the trackback-ing entry’s category.

That’s my basic understanding of what’s going on under the hood at least. I’m currently working on a version that will include "Track-Forward" pings as well.

::blinks:: ::sneezes:: ::rubs her noggin::

Umm... yeah... you let us know what it all means when you figure it out... lol

Based on my understanding, it’s basically what David described it to be. If I send a ping to kadyellebee.com, it determines the category of the entry that I pinged, and finds other entries that have the same category as that. The entries that it searches are those in your RDF/RSS file - in other words, those on your main page.

What it does with them, I’m not sure - it probably sends the data back to the originating site, similar to how Trackbacks work now (except with multiple entries this time).

I hope that helps to clear it up a bit. smile

Welllll, what it does is this:

You write an entry about something I’ve written about on my blog, and MT creates a trackback. I want to see more stuff from your blog on the same subject, so I follow the trackback back to your blog, and look at the trackback code to find the category you placed your entry under.

I then take your RSS1.0 feed and collect all the entries there with the same category, and pass details of these back to my blog, where it builds a page with the entry titles, link, and a clipping.

We do it this way, because I can’t just turn straight to your RSS feed, because I don’t know what category you’re calling any particular entry - and I can’t assume it’s the same category name as I use myself for me entries. Does that make sense?

It makes sense, however these are my questions:

Does the user have to "farm" rss feeds or is this done automatically?

Just as Kady brought up, if it’s automatic, and it pulls from categories what about those of us who use strange category names?

Okay so I found a link that answered my questions and maybe some others in simple speech. Pardon me I’m slow sometimes smile


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