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Weather stuff

While updating the MT Plugin Directory this evening, I just had to play with some new little graphics to add to my sidebar (only on the holiday skin at the moment—rest will be updated eventually) for the Weather Plugin. smile I really like pixel editing - I’m particularly good at zooming and making small changes at a time. So you can see from the graphic that its Rainy and 53° (from the last rebuild time).

I have to say, I was inspired by Brenna and her weather page smile


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hi sweetie! so, rainy graphics should keep you covered over there, right? ;) Looks great! My host finally installed Parser right so I got the plugin going. You know, I wondered and wondered what wid stood for! hehe.

Wow! I love the holiday skin!

Tee hee hee—yes the rainy and cloudy and rainy and rainy icons will be seen alot ;)
And thanks, Sarah!

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