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good morning

hiya smile

I’m paying for yesterday. I had a migraine when I woke up earlier, and its faded a bit, but I can still feel my eye twitching! So I slept in once I went back to sleep, and didn’t let myself get out of bed until after 9. I promptly figured out why my email wasn’t coming through after 7 or 8 last night - Norton had found a virus in my email folder and that caused it to not want to syncronize with everything, so I did some virus scranning and restarted, and all was well again. So I’m behind on email again/still ;)

Then I just spent the last 45 minutes finishing up the UPS setup questions with Annette at work. I know that the rest of this month will mean a lot of extra work because of that setup and then inventory and then switching the Peachtree company over correctly. And I don’t want to have the that time being put in - I don’t have that kind of energy in December. But I know why december has always been stressful for me even moreso because of Inventory and always being in charge for the last 8 or 9 years that we’ve been doing it! Phew, that’s a long time!

So I must get some catching up done now. I was playing spyro before the phone call, but now its time to get real things done. And I think while I do it, I’m gonna listen to Christmas music - I must get more in the Christmassy mode!!! smile


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YOu know ever since I started using Linux I have never had to worry about email viruses. Or Eudora on windows.

I hate bad Christmas music. Without a doubt the best Christmas/Holiday music ever is the Nutcracker suit and Handel’s Messiah. Honorable mentions would also be the Dreidel song in South Park.

The new Spyro game is getting luke warm reviews

But Ratchet & Clank looks very pleasing

I love your site(s)! Thanks for sharing the little things. I used to live in the NW (Astoria, Portland, Spokane) and I miss the greenery. Here in Arizona, it’s all browns. Pretty, but not in the same way. ;)

Anyway, finally took the courage to post. ;) Hope the day is good for you. smile

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