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developing art tastes

So this weekend, we looked at some art. Then this morning when I was up, I took a glance through what Michaels had listed online. I really don’t know what my style is. I really don’t have any art-background, except for my own personal digitalpainting. But I would guess that my ISTJ-ness makes me less emotional about art and more functionally motivated. I look at things with a - "yes, that’s pretty because its the right color" attitude. Which isn’t to say that I don’t have opinions on what I like and don’t. I like softer paintings and clear photographs. Hmmm... so that’s my self-analysis for the morning smile

Here’s some of the pictures that I really liked when surfing this morning (I’m looking for something to hang above the fireplace. Its a large wall and we have light wood and deep aubergine/purple colors in the room):

So how 'bout you? Are you an art connoisseur? How did you develop your tastes? What’s your favorite art in your house?


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I love the Sweet Dreams and Imperial Flowers II. Evening Light is also pretty. I like the hues you like, I think. Cooler hues. Blue and purple. Soothing.

I don’t know much about art. I like Ansel Adams. His stuff is beautiful. I have two pictures, but I’ve never hung either. I’m kind of a minimalist, I guess.

I also like some of Monet’s stuff. There are two or three of his that I really like. One with a woman and a parasol, one with a bridge. Sadly, I don’t remember the names. ;)

I love cityscapes. So I love the one of Portland, and the one right under it. Evening light.

I have a really nice painting of a black lab over my fireplace. In marsh fields. I tend to be a little more on the countryish side.

I like the Monet. I love texture. I’ve always tended more to impressionist art, nothing too crisp. Which is funny, because I like photographic work to be just that, crisp and clear. Unless it’s black & white, when I whip out a whole new set of opinions! smile

i have similar problems with art - i like to look at it, but rarely is it emotional for me. however, i do love Monet - but really, i think it’s because i like Monet the person and that makes me like his art. smile

I enjoy Impressionism, especially works by Van Gogh. My lovely wife is more into abstract expressionism, especially the works by Pollack. Most of our collection consists of original oil paintings and some water colors by local Indiana artists. When we buy artwork, we usually buy from a gallery in Nashville, IN., but have also bought from galleries in Vail, CO. I’ve studied art and art related concepts, and it has help me appreciate works of art to a deeper level and enhances our frequent visits to the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

I’ve recently developed a taste for the Shan-shui style of art that was common in China during the Song and Ming Dynasties. Of course, it could also be because I received a number of such paintings (reproductions--I think, not originals) as part of my inheritance from my grandfather... Apart from that, water-colours tend to be another favourite. I like paintings that are light, so that the impression is that of a suggestion rather than a representation. With oil paintings, I can’t help but think of something frozen, still, and somehow lifeless. I like the way that with a good watercolour things seem to run together, flow from one block of colour to another.

Of the ones you listed, I love the Monet the best. As for my tastes, I have this odd quirk. Any time you take me in to a store with prints like these for sale and tell me to pick out what I like it will ALWAYS be a picture with a door or a window in it. Sometimes a gate - which is a door of course. It’s just bizarre. I think it’s my subconcious quest of always looking for the next best thing ahead, for something better to come along. An explorer, wanting to seek out more.

Or you can lose your mind as I did with my office. I went ot the decoratetoday.com site and got a wallpaper mural of a mountain scene in the fall. I then bought some artifical grass, and a fake ficus that I pulled the branches out of and replaced with some "fall" aspen branches.

For winter I "updated" the look with several bags of "Buffalo Snow" from michael’s, a lighted snowman, and a small lighted christmas tree.

Still trying to figure out what I’ll do after the first of the year...

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