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bored today? links

So I don’t have much exciting to talk about, and I’m supposed to be showering while E’s out getting his haircut. I’m actually feeling not-so-bad today, so we are gonna try to make it to Red Robin.

If you are bored today, you might check out a few things I posted earlier in the week, just for fun.

  • Fonts: Organized - my new font site that not only lists a lot of my favorite fonts, but has a ton of links to other font sites.
  • Movable Type Plugin directory - another recent project to compile the resources of the plugin authors. There’s over 40 listed now!!
  • Robyn’s place - there’s been quite the uproar going on over there, and if you know younger bloggers or anyone that you think might be getting into a bad situation online, I’d urge you to check out But You, you’re not allowed...
  • Blogomania - I spent a teeny bit of time this morning helping out with some stuff over there, and it just reminds me of what a great hosting company I have (and the parent company is terrific too!)
  • Lockergnome Forums - brand new forums for the ever-wonderful Lockergnome people. I can’t wait to check some of the threads out; guess that makes me a geek ;)

Yes, that should keep you busy for at least a little while smile


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I hope you had a good time out—after the week you’ve had, you SO deserve it! Hope the one ahead is much better!

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