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blog stalkers

I’m just blown away by reading the conversations at Robyn’s blog today - But you, you’re not allowed. First off, I feel really horrible knowing that Robyn and other people have had their privacy violated. That’s so not right. It really makes me question how much I share here, that maybe holding back a little bit more would be wise in light of what’s going on. I already am pretty darn cautious about IMing with anyone, because I have had some people who were almost "stalker-ish" that always found me every time I signed online in the past. Anyhow, it all makes me think.


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Yeah, we were VERY lucky that we caught—and stopped—it so early!

Geez, you should put a warning on that link - you might get sucked up into the controversy and waste 1/2 an hour trying to read all of the blogs connecting to it! LOL!

But seriously... I’ve run into a couple of people like that on the Net and IRL... it’s just an unfortunate reality of living in this world. I applaud all of those women for standing up and not keeping quiet about it.

yeah, i have had people in the past actually IMing me THE moment i sign on... i wouldn’t have even been on long enough to click to check my aol mail... kinda creeped me out

Thank you for blogging about this, I wouldn’t have found this had it not been for you.

All very creepy sad

Though the IMing the moment you sign on, I have a habit of doing that with people on MSN, because MSN pops up a notify box saying someone’s online so when I see they are, I click to say hi. Think I’ll be more restrained now smile

thus the reason I don’t give very many people my IM name.

Amazing isn’t it Kristine? You think you know someone, when, you really don’t. Thanks for posting this and helping to spread the word so everyone is a little safer. smile

Use Trillian. You can block anyone on MSN, ICQ and the other chat programs Trillian works with.

Thanks for the link to the topic, it was an informing bunch of stuff to read through.

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