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not sick just quiet

I’m feeling better today than I have been the rest of the week - besides an evil headache when I move, the signs of what I thought was a cold ended up just being a bit more flared up CFS symptoms, I guess!

I’ve been playing with PHP and stuff today. Like adding stuff to the Plugin Directory - the author list took me much longer to figure out that I thought it would!

Where did the day go? I have no idea.

I laid in bed for quite a while reading my book . Its interesting but somewhat depressing. I know I want to learn this stuff, though.

E came home for lunch and I felt cheerier. I had a yummy raman/cheese sandwich lunch.

Soaps went quickly today. Like I said, the day is going fast.

You should see my desktop smile When I was finding the links for my fonts project, I ended up finding a lot of fonts to download :giggle: Speaking of which, I meant to mention yesterday - PizzaDude totally updated his site and added a bunch of great new freeware fonts smile

I’m supposed to have been proofing my sisters research paper. I just haven’t had the energy to do that! Oops. Its due tomorrow, I believe, so maybe I better get hopping on that.

And I really need to finish my amazon order, at least for the moment so that they don’t run out of some of the things I want - they already are out of Final Fantasy X for the moment, and we want that to go with the PS2 that’s our big present to each other for Christmas smile But I’ll look around the web and find it elsewhere. Soon, I’ll have packages just floating in from everywhere smile

So yeah, my day has been way too fast, and so has the week - I can’t believe its already Thursday (or as my zalary-love would say, trashday smile ). That means that the tree has been up for 4 days w/o decorations yet! Ack!!


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Oh, Pizzadude is back? Thanks for the heads-up.

Oh no. You would lead me off to look at fonts, wouldn’t you? *giggle* I’m such a junkie!

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