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online craft stores?

Okay girlies out there... I read a terrific idea in my RealSimple, suggesting that you get a roll of white paper and then decorate it up with ribbons and stuff for your christmas wrapping. That sounds super good to me, but I’d rather shop online and find the paper and ribbon somewhere online - anybody got any suggestions of sites that might have this stuff? The magazine said The Container Store, but they only have holiday print paper. I checked out Michaels, but didn’t see any paper there. So yeah, I figured before going much further, I’d ask my girlfriends smile


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They have a lot of those rolls for kid’s drawing paper, I saw some at Target last week... maybe you should try ToysRUs and Target, and look in kid’s art supplies?

Try the Crayola webpage, they have drawing paper and all kinds of decorating supplies.

I’ve bought paper from papermart.com before. The plain white wrapping paper seems to be on some pretty big rolls there though. Not sure if you want that much.

Isn’t Real Simple the best magazine? When I first saw it, there was something about a bunch of uses for a microwave. I loved it smile I’m so domesticated.

Check some teaching supply stores. Or, you can get butcher paper. I think I’m going to use brown kraft paper (the type used to wrap packages for mailing.) Or paper bags from the grocery store.

Then again, Party City, a party supply store practically across the street has wrapping paper for super-cheap prices, so I might just go there and get some. Seymour does all the wrapping because I’m a spaz, so I guess I’ll ask him. And stop taking up so much space in your comments with mental notes for my to-do list. smile

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