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mozilla and addons

A few days ago, I downloaded the new version of mozilla, version 1.2. Because they recommend you don’t install over your previous copy, I went looking for my mods I’d made again. I’m sure I could have snatched them off my old directory, but I wanted to make sure I had the newest stuff anyhow.

There is only a handful of themes (skins) for Mozilla, and you have to make sure that you are getting one that will work with your version of the browser. So I ended up sticking with Gray Modern because its nice and clean and has some class without being too blue. I did kinda like Orbit, but still switched back to GM. smile

And I’ve become very attached to Gestures. Even though it meant I had to turn off sensiva on my computer, the gestures have even more functionality on the browser, and that makes me happy.

Another wonderful addon is Multizilla. Its what I was waiting for 1.2 to come out officially for, because now, target="_blank" automatically can open a new tab instead of a new window. That saves a right click or a gesture to make that happen. There’s also a lot of additional preferences for tabs with Multizilla.

I did try to install Composite, but its not working with 1.2 yet. So I’m on the mailing list so I can find out when it does come out smile

So now I’m totally happy, and surfing with delightful mozilla-ease. I still pull up IE for a bunch of things, but Moz just is so nice with its tabs, and it keeps me from getting cookies and popups that I don’t want. AHhhhhh....


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