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soap stuff

I thought that before soaps today, I should check out some Soap news since I missed Friday....

for those just tuning in, I watch As The World Turns, General Hospital, and All My Children. Yes, in that order... AMC is in diff time slots in different places!

TV Guide Online - [Soaps News]

It was a difficult decision to make, but Jacob Young, who has played Lucky Spencer on General Hospital for the past three years, has chosen to depart the show.

I wonder if Jonathan would ever come back... that’d be cool.
Brenda’s been given a new lease on life, but that doesn’t mean Marcil will be staying in Port Charles. "As of right now I’m here for a very short visit because I just had a baby," she explains. "I have him at the set with me every day so I’m kind of feeling it out, seeing how he’s doing with that. I just want to make sure he flourishes. So it’s really up to Kassius if I would end up staying longer."

I’m glad she’s enjoying her baby, but I hope she stays on the show. Selfish, aren’t I?!!
Andrea Pearson will take over the role of Gia Campbell on GH beginning Dec. 9

Oh, that’s sad. What happened to the current Gia? But this new girl was on 7th Heaven, I think as Matt’s roommate’s fiancee a few seasons back. She’s pretty.
Daily Recaps for friday, and found out that what I suspected happened on friday while I was out did. Lets hope they do some major recapping at the beginning of the show - there were two major falls on my soaps on friday that I missed!!!


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I LOVE General Hospital!! I’m SO addicted!! I’m hoping that Vanessa sticks around to play Brenda .. I love her character! I like All My Children too, but nothing compares to GH smile

I was too busy cleaning for Thanksgiving to watch the soaps today. I was wondering where you got your AMC and GH info online? What’s the best place? Thanks ;)

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