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happy shopping!

I’m baaack! Quite sore, but planning on resting a lot to make up for it. And I have some amazing new clothes smile

Wanna hear what I got? We spent most of the time at Lane Bryant, because I had several coupons that saved me a huge amt. (worth about 1/4 of the entire bill) of money smile

  • A black slightly faded pair of jeans - Megan says I look really good in them.
  • A grayish pair of corderoys that was really on sale but are a bit long - but they roll up fine.
  • A peasant-type blouse with patchworky patterns in lavender, grey, and mint - matches the Cords perfectly.
  • Another peasant-type blouse (same style) with a black base color and dark lavendar and silver accent colors and trimmed with black lace. Looks dressier than the other, and I LOVE it.
  • A grey v-neck longsleeve t-shirt - nice and loose and perfect for normal wearing.
  • A black ribbed sweater - Ribbed Crochet Trim Sweater (in black) - totally my style, and really comfy. (the only one of the items to actually be on their online catalog!)
  • Oh, and a white tank top to wear underneath a few of these.

Then we went down to Old Navy and I found some jammie bottoms that were on sale smile But no stripey socks because I was told not to buy any LOL!

By that time, I was getting slow, but we walked into American Eagle, and Victoria’s Secret (where I found hand soap that was so pretty for the girls in my family). Slowly we walked out of the mall and to the car.

A quick little drive over to Olive Garden got us a delightful dinner and a great time to talk smile

It was a wonderfully fun and productive clothes shopping day, and even though I’m so worn out, it was good.


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who told you not to buy any stripey socks?!?!?! smile stripey socks make me smile! laughing

Olive Garden... yum!
I can’t wait to hit the Old Spaghetti Factory tomorrow!

yay! i’m glad you and megan had such a great shopping day! smile

That sounds it was like a fun trip. smile

What a great sounding day. I love black faded jeans. And I love Olive Garden even more.

Sounds like YOU had a great day. Good for you girl! smile

Great day you had! smile Shopping with someone you love is always nice but, going to the Olive Garden makes it better! YUM!

I love stripey socks...they make me giggle when I look down at them. I guess it’s a chick thing, huh?

Alright, we got the details, but where, my dear, are the pictures of you in said clothes? ;)

I’m glad you had a lot of fun. I’m totally envious of your day, as Lane Bryant is one of my favorite places to shop, and Olive Garden is my favorite restaurant. smile

Yay cute clothes!

YEAH! I’m glad you had such good shopping luck! Wheeeee! smile

Thanks all! smile
Amancay, I hope you have TONS of fun with your bday party - are you going to the purple-roof'ed spaghetti factory? Think of me, I love it! smile
I didn’t buy any stripey socks because I have a feeling I’m getting some. If I don’t get them from the person I think I am, then Megan knows how much I want some smile
Hey M - do they have Lane Bryants in MI? Seems like I’ve already seen you talk about going to Olive Garden, so they must have those smile
And pictures, hmmm, I took some, but they didn’t turn out so great. I’ll see what I can do about getting E to take some of me later on. Well, later on when I can walk again ;)

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