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I don’t know why I’m awake...
maybe I was dreaming of a lake....
maybe I my head just wanted a break...
or maybe this is all a fake.

I should be sleeping in my bed...
"I know I took my drugs" I said...
The usual 8 hours is 6 instead...
Shouldn’t I be getting bed head?

So not only am I up before the dawn,
I’m sitting here with a big yawn...
Means that to the bed I’m drawn??
And on that note, I am gone.

original poetry by me and the rhyming dictionary at 3AM. No, its not funny, stop laughing at my stupid butt for writing poetry at 3 AM!


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And pretty damn good poetry for 3 in the morning! You GO GIRL! YOU go to bed..girl. smile

I was sitting here wondering why I was here at work and not at home sleeping. Damn day job!

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