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stoned blood?

Okay, so Annette and me were talking about work stuff yesterday, and she mentioned that a certain sister of mine was giving blood yesterday afternoon. I kinda snorted and said "they’ll take her blood"? So then we started going off about what happens if you have smoked weed before you donate blood. Does the blood get some of that stoned-ness in it? We could just see some transplant person coming out of surgery, totally stoned and have no idea why. LOL!

For the record, I don’t know that the sister is still doing that, it just was a funny thought. And the RedCross says:

Acceptable as long as you are not under the influence of marijuana at the time of donation.


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I got 2 units of blood 2 years ago and didn’t get any effects from it except that I was craving Italian food afterwards. Figured it was Italian blood! LOL And this went on for months!!

I always feel stoned after surgery without getting blood!

I never thought about pot staying in the bloodstream, but I guess it would since it stays in the pee-stream. Ha!

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