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baby dangling

Jackson Dangles Child Off Balcony
And did he think this would be GOOD for his publicityconfused?

Michael Jackson rewarded fans outside his Berlin hotel with a brief appearance and a glimpse of his youngest child - dangling the toddler over a fourth-floor balcony.


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I swear, no common sense.

Just caught this on the news myself. I can’t even imagine what possessed him to do that! Really strange.

I was wondering the same thing. Hasn’t he gotten enough bad publicity this week already? I guess if you’re desperate to make news these days you might as well dangle children from balconies.

So what is that shocks everyone about Marilyn Manson...?

What a freakin' idiot, I swear. People should have to have licenses to have kids, aminals, and get online. It should be a very stringent screening. (Things like an IQ in the double digits might be nice... ;) )

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