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I woke up after 8 1/2 hours of sleep. The ambien doesn’t promise it’ll give you 10 hours of sleep like I’d like ;) But I’ll go back to bed soon - as soon as I get rid of these freakin' hiccups that decided to plague me!!! I hate them. And yes, I tried drinking a lot of water. Now I’ll just have to pee a lot when I wake up again ;)


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Whenever Kate had the hiccups last year, I’d scare her with silly things - that’s JC’s girlfriends were pregnant. Then he was single and it turned into "JC’s pregnant!" It works. it’s hysterical. Now I don’t know whether to tell her Tara Reid is pregnant, or back to JC again. Maybe I’ll switch to Justin. Would that surprise you into getting rid of the hiccups? LOL

What works for me, and I get the hiccups several times a week, is taking a spoonful of sugar and letting it dissolve in my mouth. Cures them every time. =)

I usually sleep about 8 1/2 hours with the Ambien, whether it’s 5mg or 10mg. No more than 9, I think. Never 10. And the minute it wears off, I’m awake.

i had bad hiccups four times lately each time i had a 10mg ambein before bed. i usually only have a half of one if i wake up in the night and cnt get back to sleep. all for times i’ve taken a hole one try to get a hole nights sleep i’ve ended up with these hiccups. twice they lasted for to day. for me there seems to be a cuntion with the ambein i think ill stick to a half one. for what its wherth good luck

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