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ultimate alphabet

This morning, when it was totally quiet except for my music, I worked on a request for php code from the MT forums And I finally made it work! The request was to have letters at the top of a page that could be clicked to display that letters archives. So I had to figure out which letters were the first letter of each title, and then print each letters archives only when the letter was clicked. For the showing of each letter’s titles, I used a similar technique to Lynda ’s idea in my Master Author Archive the first time around. And I used an array_unique to get the letters I needed without duplications... that’s the first time using that. And then an array_multisort so I could have multiple pieces of data for each entry (link, title, etc.).

It makes me so excited because with each script I write, I learn more php functions, and that makes me even more knowledgable the next time around

Because it made such perfect sense for theredkitchen , I added it to my Master Alphabetical Archives over there.


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You always come up with the most impressive little tweaks. =)

Amazing. Genuinely amazing.

You go girl! Excellent job. laughing

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