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quiet afternoon

There were a few little dns issues with my host this afternoon, so it was kinda quiet! I’m glad to see mail coming in now, and thought I’d just post a little note in case anyone found that my site was down. I’m baaaack!

E took me to Arby’s for dinner. Yum, I so love their baked potatoes (no liquid cheddar please) and cherry turnovers smile I’m all full and happy now!


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I totally love their baked potatoes. And chicken fingers. Arby’s rocks! My husband used to work for one in Indiana ... he gained a lot of good work experience there. Hooray for Arby’s! hehe smile

Yay! A and I both missed you. laughing

Insight here in Louisville was having DNS problems as well today. Thank god it cleared up quickly. I was having to SSH to my Hosting Matters account and then use lynx to get to some sites I *had* to surf and couldn’t find the IP address of. I’m a total geek! smile

lol Ciscley. That is too funny. smile

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