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ie frustration

I’ve been having such problems with IE and popups lately. Popups that change my homepage and then when I get enough of them, they tend to freeze my browser, which makes me do ctrl+alt+delete and close IE, loosing any windows I was working on. Its really pissing me off!

So I’ve been surfing with Mozilla part of the time. Which I like, but there are a few drawbacks.

1 - I can’t use ctrl+alt+A or any of the other shortcuts in my bookmarklet, and that is a deeply embedded habit now.
2 - my sensiva program that came with my graphire tablet is apparently outdated now. It doesn’t let me download any new program info, and so the back and forward motions I normally use aren’t working. And so I tried the Gestures mod for mozilla, but I have to turn off sensiva to use that.

The nice thing about Mozilla is the tabs. I didn’t think I liked them until I started using them. If I right click on a link and say "open in new tab", it starts loading it in the background, and then I can easily flip back and forth between them.

So anyhow, I’m definitely tempted to change to Mozilla. The locking up issues with IE is just getting freakin' annoying!


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I am so GLAD its not just me. Its like all of a sudden they start coming out of nowhere. Do you get the pop ups on your desktop as well? I do! I dont even have IE open and I get these grey popup adds. Im running cable modem so Im sure that has something to do with it. Let me know if you do switch and how your enjoying it. Ive never used anything but IE so it would be a big change for me but I think worth it if I could eliminate the popups.

People on Mozilla always mention having problems with my comment template, but I’ve never even bothered to try it to investigate (since they can use my individual archive to comment just the same)... I haven’t changed my comment code since MT 1.2. Maybe I should look into it soon! I’ll be interested to read how you like it...

I used a popup blocker when I was still on IE. Nowadays, I tend to find that Mozilla does a good enough job, most days. Added to a personal firewall and I’m usually not hit by popups, although sometimes I miss out on real stuff instead of ads...

And the tab stuff is so awesome! I tend to call up multiple windows at a go, so being able to impose some order to them--by opening all related pages in one window is wonderful!

This is why I swiched to Opera, now it is such a pain to open IE, actually I am opening it just for testing or sites which are very very important to me and can’t be seen in Opera.

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