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buffy last night

My goodness. The Buffy last night was really amazing. "From beneath you, it devours." "Not it. Me. AAAAAHH!

Two links for you: ScoopMe! - The Season of Mists and BiteMe!

I really liked Cassie’s part coming back, no matter how it worked out... I love Azura, though.

But is Jonathan really dead? sad that would really be sad.

I don’t understand how Spike can be biting people - he’s still got the chip, just not a soul, right?

Can’t wait for next week. Even though it seems like Joss is making it seem like the end of the show with his storylines (and that will make me sad), I still am anxious for each episode to come!!!!


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Hey, if you want to go check my site, I did a review of that episode too smile

I’m still not sure I liked this episode. On the one hand, I love what they’re doing with Dawn. One of the main issues I had with last year was how weak they were writing her role. She is the slayer’s sister, is in fact a metaphysical thing herself, with everything that goes on in her life, she has to be stronger than the average teen. So far, this year, Dawn rocks. Buffy does not. I think that maybe Joss' group does better writing for a younger character... or something.

Anyway, I can’t wait to find out what is going to be doing the devouring.

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