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Its been a while since I’ve referred to a Wednesday as a Mental Health Day. But today really seemed like one. I feel quite a bit happier than yesterday.

I not only got rest and did some calming things, I also accomplished some things, including a trip to the mailbox. My back’s kinda sore, and my constant headache isn’t gone, but I’m doing okay.

This afternoon, Leonard called me, and told me about some of his and Sarah’s plans - they are gonna wait until after the baby is born until they get married. If they get married, they won’t have health insurance because together, they make too much for Basic Health, but not enough for normal insurance. So that’s part of it. We got to talk about Lisa and that whole thing. He told me about the prenatal exercises Sarah’s doing and how he has to learn them so he can make sure she’s doing them right :giggle: It was definitely a nice conversation.

And I have to say that I just love my new client!! She’s so excited about what I’m making, and that makes me very excited too!!!

So I’m feeling cheerier. Did I make you smile? smile


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You and stripey socks make me smile! =)

hmmm. I think my daughter has the same thing in mind. She and her boyfriend don’t plan to get married until after the baby. I guess the insurance thing is a pretty good damn reason. It never occured to me.

You always make me smile, Kristine!

I’m happy to see you’re smiling again!

i’m with amy... you always make me smile! smile

(see that? me smiling!) smile

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