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game phone

After seeing the pictures on Gizmondo the other day, I read more about this N-Gage phone/game console: Nokia makes play for wireless gaming - Tech News - CNET.com

The all-in-one "N-Gage" device allows a game to be played over a cellular telephone network among several N-Gage users, Nokia said. The device also has a Bluetooth connection, so gamers located within about 10 feet of each other can compete for free without using a costly cellular network. It will run on the Nokia Series 60 platform and the Symbian operating system

How cool is that!!!


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Oh, yes. I saw that too, and started drooling. I’m now debating how to hint to all my relations (those whom I’m still on good terms with) that they should all combine the amount they’d usually spend on my Christmas present, and buy me one of those. smile (Haha. Not darn likely.)

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