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stargate for season 7

Sci Fi Makes 'Stargate' Pickup Official

Ten days after saying reports of a seventh-season pickup of the series were premature, the Sci Fi Channel and producer MGM announced Thursday (Nov. 7) that the show would, in fact, be back for another year.

Woo hoo! I’m really glad to hear this, because I’m really enjoying the show, and after what happened to Farscape, I was worried!


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that’s cool! i’ll be sure to tell my hubby that. he watches Stargate (i told him that you watch it, too) and he has both 1st and 2nd DVD sets.

Wooohoo! I *adore* Stargate SG-1! Now, they better leave O'Neil/Richard Dean Anderson in it! The show wouldn’t be the same without him!

Aw bugger. I knew there was a reason why staying in the United States was good. Lucky chaps, you all are. I’m green with envy. (For the record, we poor souls in Malaysia still don’t have Sci-Fi. They bring in Cinemax, HBO, et cetera, but not Sci-Fi. Go figure...)

Hey Kristine,
Have you received any emails from me the last two days about my photoblog? It’s not like you to not answer and I have two or three other folks who are not getting my emails (honest!) so I thought I’d check in with you. Thanks! Cynthia

I’m just pissed that it moved to Sci-Fi and didn’t stay on syndicated free TV. When are people going to realize that not everyone in the world has/wants/can afford cableconfused

Umm the reason farscape was cancelled was due to the money needed to support SG-1.
Too bad they had to choose.

THANK You! I am SO glad to hear this! sad yeah, Farscape and Lexx both).

I hear that DJ is gonna be back for season 7...


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