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I’m a creature of habit, I’ll admit that. But routine has become even more important for me with the onset of this illness because it keeps me from getting worse. Working inside my energy envelope is what makes a day good vs. feeling badly.

The days go so quickly for me - it seems like the day is over before I can even realize it started. But if I focus and outline what I want to accomplish, I can still get some things done in a speedily moving day. Not nearly as many as I used to or would like to be able to get done, but I still thank God for small favors, and allowing me to still do somethings!

I’m starting to fall into a routine that is working well for myself. Because I know that my stomach tends to be more woozy in the morning, I’m trying to not do anything super complex first thing off. So I get up, check my email, read my blogs, maybe some news, and answer the MT forums questions from over the night. That gets me to around 9, 9:30ish depending on how much email and stuff. I write anybody that I’m waiting for info to start my projects of the day if need be.

Then I take a break. Whether its to eat breakfast or lay in bed or get comfy on the couch and play a game or read a bit of my book. I’m usually too awake by this time to fall asleep, and knowing that I’ve got jobs to work on doesn’t allow me to rest too long. Sometimes I pick a little task to work on, like cleaning off a counter or putting the clothes away. And this is a good time of the day to jump in the shower if I’m feeling up to it.

A while later, I get into my email. Start replying and writing quotes and figuring out my schedule for what will be accomplished for the day. Usually by noon, I’ve gotten things outlined, and sometimes a whole project completed. A lot of the time, I have Call for Help on in the background from 11-12, and sometimes I keep A Makeover Story on from 12-1, depending on whether E comes home and eats with me or not.

I try to take a break for lunch - its easier when E is here because I actually sit down with him. But sometimes, I’m really into what I’m doing by this time, and so I type with one hand and use the other to feed my face smile

The afternoon seems to be when I’m most focused on accomplishing tasks. (which is odd because I’ve always been a morning person). I don’t feel as woozy, and this helps me concentrate. Even though I’m half-way listening to soaps in the background some times, I still am concentrating better than in the morning.

If I didn’t take a shower in the morning, I tend to do it in the middle of the afternoon for a break, and the same goes for a walk to the mailbox or other exercise. Breaks are a good thing, even if they don’t turn into naps. They stop my legs from falling asleep from sitting too long.

By the time 4 rolls around, I start thinking about dinner, and if there’s anything I want to make or if I am not feeling well enough to walk around and do that. If so, I turn on Trading Spaces downstairs and listen to that while cooking. I go up and down the stairs as I cook stuff, and that’s usuaully a pretty substatial workout for me. With 5 comes Charmed reruns, and I’m usually back at my desk while the food is cooking, working on more projects. By the time E comes home, dinner usually just has to be finished up. If I wasn’t feeling well, we tend to lay in bed and cuddle once he’s taken off his work clothes and I convince him to make me mac and cheese or something easy. I usually feel like a nap about this time. But I head back to my computer and work on stuff while we watch other TV stuff - Stargate recorded from Monday or whatever else has been on.

During this time of the day, I’m slowing down. I tend to be tying up loose ends or back on the MT forums. But never starting anything new. By the time 8:30 comes around, I start yawning and I’m almost always in bed by 9 after taking my drugs. It tends to take a while to fall asleep, but E is always there to cuddle with me until I fall asleep. He gets back up and watches TV or plays games for a few more hours, since he doesn’t need nearly the same amount of sleep as I do.

And that’s my day. Its been pretty consistant for the last month or so, and if I keep it that way, it keeps me having more good days than bad.

You may think I have too many TV shows on. I’ve had people be judgemental about that in the past. The weird thing is that when I have a tv show on, I keep better track of time than I do in the morning. In the morning, time kinda slips by... I don’t really know where it goes. But when I have CD’s on, or a TV show, I tend to have a better mindset for how long I’ve been working on something. I seriously have the talent of letting it by on, and only turning to see what’s happening if its really interesting. It doesn’t necessarily get sunk into my head - if someone asked "what happened to Skye on GH yesterday", I wouldn’t necessarily be able to tell them until I cared a lot about that storyline. Its a talent gained in college. smile So say what you will, its my downfall on some levels that I enjoy the stories on my tv screen.


it was fun reading about your daily routine - it actually surprises me how much it sounds like mine. i almost always have techtv and soaps on in the background while i work on the computer - but like you, i just like it as bg noise (that should be a tag-- background-noise: allmychildren;) heehee!

um... yea, i’m shutting up or this could quickly become a long rambly silly novella. smile

Sounds like a pretty fine day to me - it’s only recently that I’ve been able to work without music in the background, and even then, I miss it. J. and I actually had a tiff over the fact that I get really focused on the TV - no goofing around for me while The Amazing Race is on, even if it’s a silly show! And yes, I do think you’re a CSS encyclopedia In the best way!) smile

Kristine, I love your day. I want your day. smile Oh, and by the way, I’m a big advocate of routines. Routines are good. That’s not to say I don’t stray from the routine from time to time. But, for the most part, I try to stick to the same thing.