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wrong side

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. No, not kidding, for some reason, I was on the clock side instead of the dresser side :giggle: I guess I musta been a bed hog when E came back to bed and he took whatever amount of space he could find smile

I was being stalked in my dream. Me and my sisters. Someone was trying to steal our purses. Add that to the stupid dream before that, and it was time to wake up and forget the dreams for a little while with some surfing.


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well.. I had a dream that:

1. my mom was crazy
2. Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm was a football coach on my football team. (Imagine that one, if you know who he is smile ) ...and I have never played foot ball in my life.

3. I don’t remember the rest.

Purses eh? When walking on the sidewalk, walk on the inside of the sidewalk with your purse toward the side of the building. If you are walking with a guy, have him walk on the outside of you, towards the street. I think that sounds logical... why am I even telling you this.. all you had was a dream for crying out loud. Ok, I will shut up now, it’s just too early in the morning I guess...

Well You have some interesting dreams like myself. Dream physics rocks doesn’t it?

Anyway, You know if you know you are having a dream you can control them willingly. Might help get rid of some of the weirdness in them.

Last night I kept dreaming about guyere cheese. The words, not the physical object. Must be all the cooking I’m doing.

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