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I had things I was doing. I was slowly getting through my list. But then comes 2:00 and a call from work. I’ve spent the last hour trying to figure out why the payroll taxes (due tomorrow) had an error. Ahh, because several people didn’t work on weeks that I thought they did,and the hour amt of their sick/vacation shouldn’t be taxable. :sigh: So July AND the Quarter totals AND the employee totals.

Its really taxing on my brain (ha ha, no pun intended). I have to think back to July, when the error occured. And plus, I was on time constraints because mom needed it within the hour. :sigh: I didn’t get it done because there was just too much so she’ll have to stop at work on her already-busy day tomorrow and deal with it then. Of course, I faxed this info to her 2 weeks ago, and she didn’t look at it today. But still, I should have seen the mistake.

So I’m trying to breathe. I already had things I really needed/wanted to do this afternoon, and now my brain isn’t feeling very happy. I feel stressed, and a bit strained to even type. Ugh. This is a reminder to me of why I’m not working.

Lighting candle, breathing, calming down. I think I’ll go lay down for a few minutes before starting on my projects again. Sounds like a good transition idea.


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I hope you had a really nice break from the stress!

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