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mid night ramblings

Once again, dreams of work woke me up, so I figured my energy was better spent doing something entertaining instead of laying there stressing about the stuff I haven’t done yet. Ha!

So I’m over on the MT boards and I just wrote a NOVEL in reply to a thread. Good heavens, I’m sure the person will be SO excited to see my thoughts and comments on their ideas - LOL! Especially since he wanted add-ons to MT, and I’m not a perl programmer, so I just answered in theoretical terms. LOL.
Did you know that I am really resource central? I mean, I’m not the only one who is like that, but I have so many bits of knowledge and know around where to look for the info, so it makes it so much fun to answer questions where people are specific enough to say "I want a calendar archive that shows every month." Poof, okay, I already wrote a tutorial on that :giggle: What a goof I am in the middle of the night!!

I’m having dreams of retro designs after surfing for a potential client yesterday :giggle: Even if I don’t get him what he’s looking for, I’m guessing that I’ll have to make something for linkware or shareware because now I have all these ideas!! Oh, and rina-doll benefited (confused) because I found cute 50s cherry dresses - did you know that her site has cherries on it because we found a retro dress that had cherries on it and cherry earrings to match and we both loved it. So yeah, that was the inspiration! smile

on a MT forums rant: I’m *really* wishing that I had alternate default templates saved for below 2.5. I’ve had multiple questions that I’ve had to answer with - OH, you haven’t upgraded yet, that’s why your comments don’t work. I asked Ben if he could put them up as alternates, but he hasn’t yet. When new tags are added in, it definitely requires a bit more troubleshooting when people ask for the default templates!

I am SO bubbly tonight! Maybe it was the cherry coke last night. I’m typing fast LOL!

I felt so much happier yesterday after I took a nap. It really brought my mood up about 5 levels. Oh, and E and I ended up going out with Megan and mom last night to Red Robin. Yum. Of course, he had Izzy’s (is pizza plus a whole lot more: wink at k-b) for lunch with his bosses, so he wasn’t so hungry. But it was still fun, and we got to gab and catch up. I like that we are all friends now that we’re grown up more smile My mom got glasses because she’s studying so hard (she’s back to school for nursing at Clark Community College starting this quarter), and they are really cute! Its so nice to hear her talking about classes and making friends and stuff. She deserves to enjoy life after taking care of us kids for so many years.

So now i’ve written a novel here, and everyone is helped on the forums. My legs are bouncing up a storm, so I’m still not sure I can fall asleep. Maybe I’ll watch some tv. I think I’m too wacky to answer emails. LOL, not that there isn’t some to answer. My to do list still has stuff on it, doesn’t it all the time? :giggle:


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You are THE resource for MT—just wanted to say thanks for all the time you take to help us all out! I’m up with insomnia myself...hope you get some (great) sleep soon to kick off a wonderful weekend!

I remember that dress! It totally kicked ass. One of these days, man, I will totally own a 50s cherry dress. LOL

Kristine, I just read the MT thread you referenced. You are good!

When I was growing up (in the 50’s and 60’s), my mom had dishes that had those exact same cherries on them. I think I might still have a soup bowl around here somewhere from that set. And she had a matching apron. I’m sure that’s long gone, though. Rina’s site is just beautiful.

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