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soap thoughts

friday’s on soaps are always great fun...

ATWT: Will Molly really tell Mike what’s going on? What will happen to Lucy and Aaron?

GH: Did Jason and Brenda really get married? What is Skye gonna do now? I think Brenda really does think she’s sick and Alcazar didn’t tell her the truth. Who is the masked man?

AMC: Brooke and Adam? eww! I feel so sad that Leo’s gone - I loved him. I love how nice David is being - maybe this will make Anna look at him again. Oh, and I love the new beginning on the show. Pretty new pics! Bianca’s voice was beautiful for Leo’s funeral today, too.


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My money’s on AJ as the stalker!
And I completely agree about Brenda. Alcazar lied to her to keep her with him...
Brooke and Adam? bleh. I think Brooke and Tad should get back together. Watching the "Leo montage" today, I was really surprised at how long he’s been on the show. He looked so young in some of the pictures.

I was guessing on AJ as the stalker, but now I’m not so sure. I think you’re right, that Alcazar made her think she was sick to keep her.

As for ATWT... the girl who plays Lucy drives me nuts. Actually, the dialogue they right for those teen characters is not stellar, and she doesn’t do anything for the delivery. I don’t think they have a whole lot of chemistry, either. I like the girl who plays Alison, though... she lets all the conflicting emotions go across her face. Emily should understand how it feels to be in love with someone she can’t have... back in the day she was always the third wheel.

I like how they are playing up Barbara being completely wacky... I read in Soap Opera Digest that James will definitely be back in November... that will cause some interesting development. But mostly... having Julia come back! WOW!!! THAT should be interesting.

But back to GH—how about Jason and Courtney’s kiss? And Jason and Brenda getting hitched? I think November sweeps are going to be AWESOME!! I’m actually glad that I’ll be home to watch it all!!

OK, end of my novel in your comments!!

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