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and another to-do

I can’t help it, my to do list really helped keep me on track the last few days, and I’ve got more that needs to be done today, so I’m gonna keep going with them. Just ignore me ;) Unless you really wanna see what I’m doing. LOL!

  • 2 graphics sets to be finished up
  • 1 quote to write up
  • Email Randy about 2 column style
  • send two stylesheets purchased last night
  • set up payment page on Blogstyles
  • start working on project one: Eve.
  • work on my new design s'more
  • clean up desktop and FontsIT folder
  • Help Robyn w/contest entries - let her know which ones I can do.
  • look for more wedding sites to suggest to the authors to submit to wedding contest.... didn’t get to this, too late now.
  • clean up mailbox reply to all new emails still most
  • call the freakin' lerners people back.
  • CFS self help stuff - read another chapter - write back Jennifer
  • Fax Annette two emails
  • take a nap. DO THIS.
  • fonts stuff for GeekGrrl (found bookmrks put info together)
  • Fix collectics and MTAmazon beta add random wishlist thing
  • write Mel back about her template
  • write pinkChristine with apology and php stuff.
  • write Zuly with photoshop stuff.
  • take a nap. DO THIS AGAIN.
  • Shower and get pretty in case Meg wants to go out tonight
  • Blogstyles - work on 2.5 templates for 3 column stuff. Blogger template too? Write back 2.5 questioning person.
  • cut this list in half and don’t try to do it all today.


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I’m on your To Do list!

WOOOO! Fonts!

Have I mentioned lately how wonderful you are? ;)

::dances a jig::

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