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Stupid head. Sometimes, I’d just like to cut it off!!!
You know that your headache is bad when even the blowing of the fan on your face feels sensitive. I’ve been really light and sound sensitive since this weekend, and this headache has been hanging around for 2 days now. So I finally took a zomig, and some caffeine and hopefully it will be gone by the morning. I do believe that I’ll go sit on the couch and watch buffy instead of surfing any more.


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Reminder note to self. Zomig makes you have to pee all the time - don’t take it when you aren’t near a potty!! I’ve been up twice tonight! But the headache is fading. Let’s hope its gone for good next time I get up!

Zomig! They always do the trick for my migraines... but I get the weirdest side effect - my nose feels funny... kind of warm and tingly.

Hope you’re feeling better!

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