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money bitch

If I had restricted posts I’d put this in that category. It’s mainly a bit to get things out of my head and into concerte words.

When I finally decided to leave my job, it wasn’t so impactful to me because there still were so many months worth of checks that my parents owed to me. I figured that while that was still coming in, I’d recover some of my energy, and spend that time developing my business so that there wasn’t a huge break in the money that was coming in.

But I got paid the first week of September for 2 weeks (2 february checks, I think?) and that was the last time anything came my way. :sigh: I know that my parents are having a hard time financially, but it sure makes it hard to be saving for a house.

It makes me feel like a big dork to be complaining. We do have a nice savings account, and I’m getting bits and pieces of money from design jobs, but I’m just not quite well enough right now to work on developing that more.

So far, we haven’t gone too far backwards. Maybe a little bit. And we’ve been better about expenses - with me not leaving the house, our eating out bills are less, and there are probably a few other categories that are lower. But not as many as to make up for the loss of my income all together. :sigh:

I really want to be understanding of my parents situation. But I wish they were understanding of mine too.

Hey, God? While you are sending some money my way, could some energy come with it? It would really help!


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Hang in there smile It won’t be forever.

Gentle hugs for you, my friend. Being career-free at the moment, I’m feeling the money bite, too. And the worst part is that I’m doing so much better healthwise by not working!! But even without working, I still feel like I’m doing too much sometimes...

And somedays, I feel like I’m never, ever going to be able to own a house. We were barely making it before I got laid off, and now we have no way of saving. Very frustrating, because that’s the thing I most want (besides energy!!)

I feel for you, babe. I can relate completely. I know it’s hard when it’s family, but maybe you could get them to work out some kind of a plan to get back on track, even if little by little. It’s important enough for a small measure of awkwardness, right? You don’t want to end up resenting them, eh? sad Good wishes are coming your way (and mine, hopefully).

Kristine, that must be so hard - I can only imagine that they know exactly how much they owe you and are hoping to work it out because they’re embarrassed to owe you anything at all. I think you should bring it up, and I would suggest (because I am always suggesting things smile ) that you do it as "I don’t want you to worry about this, and I know it must be on your minds." Then, settle on an amount that might be small, but that they would feel comfortable paying consistently. If you avoid "I need this money," you put a little less pressure on them and may make them feel like they’ve reached a good solution. Plus, even if you don’t say it, they know you need it. Good luck!

I agree with Donna what a wonderful idea! smile

*HUGS* girlie, it will be okay, doesn’t it always work out?

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