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etherfarm and css

I got a chance to visit etherf@rm: a life, uploaded this weekend, as I helped out a bit on a support thread this weekend on the MT forums on one of my favorite topics - css smile Great site, and his redesign that is in process is going to be great too.

So I learned a bit about completely multi column layouts (like Blue Robot and Glish) and how to make them extend all the way to the bottom of the content. We tried a lot of things, and I found something that worked in a few browsers, and then he found the last piece to the puzzle. I think we both learned a bunch!

He had some pretty flattering words to say about me in his post from last night. I blushed when I read it, because the things he mentioned about me are both things I’m very proud of - my CSS and MT skills.

So go check the site out! Its really great!


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Congrats on the Kudos! laughing

I changed from my three column back to two, and I’m missin' it. I think I may have to go back to it. Thanks for the links!

I was one of the people you helped on the MT forums. Thanks!

It was a well deserved blush, by the sounds of it Ms Kristine - you do good work! smile

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