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rsjames and jaci

I just spent like an hour trying to figure out which song of Rebecca St. James I kept hearing on the radio (104.1 the fish - our Christian station) and REALLY liked. I ended up finding some great songs (thanks to the list on RSJAMES.COM), but still hadn’t found the one I had heard. Finally, I googled it, and found that it wasn’t Rebecca, it was Jaci Velasquez. Oh my goodness, I’m a dork! It didn’t help that everytime I’d heard it lately, it was right around the time that the Radio people were promoting the Rebecca prize pack. Durh.

Oh, the song in question? You’re Not There by Jaci Velasquez. Its beautiful and from her albumn Crystal Clear. So I’ll be updating Lovesongs with my new songs from both of these girls soon smile

Why do I think of You
Far beyond my reach
Why can’t I comprehend
The love you have for me
God all of the universe
Of earth and sky and sea
Your desire to own my heart
Is such a mystery

You’re not there
Way out there
Wandering in Your great unknown
You are here ever near
In my heart You’ve found a home
You are living
You are breathing
I dan feel Your presence in me

All the prayers
To the saints
Every votive burned
But now I know
From within
Your loving voice is heared

You’ve sent Your Spirit
The promised One
To be with me forever

Repeat chorus

You are living
You are breathing
You are loving
I am needing


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That’s really lovely, Kristine!

As for artist confusion, I once spent a week scouring music stores for an album containing a song by a particular artist I thought sung a song - only to eventually find out I was so wrong it wasn’t funny! These days I just plug the lyrics into google and hope for the best! smile

Have you tried http://www.yes.net for looking up a song you heard on the radio?? smile

I love both of these girls... personally my favorite jaci stuff in in spanish though!

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