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lovelinks: MT

Because I am forever looking through my lovelinks pages for the Movable Type threads that I bookmark, I finally put together a lovelinks movabletype-specific tips index. I also divided up the normal tips from the advanced tips from the plugins. Most of the advanced tips use MySQL and PHP - a lot of them are Brenna’s and mine. I went back through the MT forums to find some of them just so I could post them. And the plugins are the ones I’ve installed or the ones that I want to install. I’m sure this will grow.

I know, I can find most of this stuff in Girlie’s Tips, but I like having them in date order on my site so I know when I found them smile Because I tend to find some much stuff on the other sites like Girlies, I also have links to the other MT-specific sites or categories that I visit frequently. smile

(yet another morning that I spent working on my site instead of something more productive. I’m so silly!)


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Ooh! Since my computer is out of order, I’m making a habit of collecting links to MT tips sites so I can have an unbearably long list of new things to try once I can fix up my site again...thanks for the spoiling!!!

It’s not unproductive if it’s so helpful - thank you!

It’s not unproductive if it makes you happy.

Wow, cool. smile I have Girlies site bookmarked and I’ll bookmark yours too. I can’t wait to try out some of this stuff. laughing

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