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enhancing archives

So I spiffed up my category archive pages a bit. I implemented the CategoryTrackbackData plugin so that people can easily Trackback to my categories. And I used the Glue plugin over there again for the list at the bottom of the page. Then added calendars to my date-based archives.

And implemented the mtcurlyquotes plugin yesterday, too!

And now, I’ve got some nice new fun going on thanks to the tips I received when figuring out this - MT hacks: Index page Trackback Autodiscovery. I wrote it up in the middle of this post!! smile

That’s been my fun afternoon. Intermixed with some spyro. I just can’t get that last pumpkin in Ripto’s rage on the tractor trail! And soaps in between. Nothing too productive!! smile


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Glad te hear you’re using the mtcurly plugin! Let me know if you run into anything funny.

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