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wired.com = all css

I really enjoyed reading An Interview With Douglas Bowman of Wired News - the interview was done by Eric Meyer, who is amazing anyhow!

Wired News has gone to an all css design. That’s pretty amazing for such a large-scale new site to do.

So if you are interested in css, and how big sites can benefit from being standard compliant, read the article. smile


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I think it is quite spiffy. I am a pro CSS XHTML zelot and they almost made a valid XHTML document/

Check out Wired in Netscape 4. It works fune but no Design. I did the same thing on my site about three months ago.

Is Eric Meyer the same guy who wrote the reference book? I just bought that smile

Did you know Wander-Lust mentioned your tutorial? smile

wow, that is pretty cool. I have become somewhat of a css/xhtml fanatic like Jake, myself. LoL. So it’s really nice to see big sites coming around. Makes you hope that others will follow in their wake.
Oh, and you are right, Eric Meyer RULES
Only thing about CSS that I hate though, is that I have a Mac with IE 5.1, which is the most standards-compliant browser so far, and some of the designs that Eric suggests, I LOVE and I have done things with, but PC users don’t see them correctly. *sigh* Hopefully, soon! smile

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