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nap and stuff

Its been kinda an odd day. I slept okay for most of the night, but woke up feeling really woozy. So I went back to bed to rest for a while after hanging out on the MT forums for a while. I ate breakfast at noon with E, but still felt a little funny.

So I worked on some projects for a while, but then I took a nap. During GH. So I must have really been worn out to do that! smile But I woke up feeling a little bit better. I just took a shower, and I feel even a bit better. I got back to people in my mailbox and feel more caught up.

I need to print off two recipes that I need to get ingredients for and then I’m gonna try to get dressed and see if E wants Sweet Tomatoexs for dinner. I had this mad craving for blueberry muffins and tapioca pudding the other day, and there’s a new coupon downstairs. My leg really hurts, so I’ll have to hobble, but I didn’t feel like cooking, and I could really use some fresh air.

So that’s why I’ve been quiet today. I am trying to finish a project at the moment but my nap really cut into that. Hopefully this evening will be more productive!


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