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feeling better

I didn’t mention - I’m feeling a whole lot better today. My headache is more gone than it has been in days, and I actually slept *almost* all night last night. I’ve been up for a while, and then went back to bed to rest for a while. I read another chapter of my book, and I’ve gotten caught up on a few emails. I have some projects to work on (some mods for Christine and something for Carla). First, I’m gonna upgrade to MT2.5. I’ve taken a warm shower and am happily settled in my pink jammies and black fuzzy slippers. Yummy leftover homemade pizza and some mint-chocolate chip for lunch has my tummy all happy.

So yeah, its been a good day so far!


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I’m glad you’re having such a good day! smile

Hooray for good days! You deserve a million of 'em!

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