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Widescreen vs. Full Screen - wow, I didn’t realize that widescreen showed so much more of the movie. I knew it was more, but I hadn’t really thought about how much I was missing with full screen! Very interesting article, from StarWars.com

picked up this article from Web Sweepings


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Pan and Scan (also know as Full screen) is a sin against GOD

Once you go wide screen you never go back.

I can think of a thousand movies that show this better than StarWars

I didn’t know about this until I met my electronics geek boyfriend, but now we buy (and rent) all of our DVDs in widescreen format, even though our TV isn’t widescreen. We hope to get a widescreen someday, and since DVDs will last a LONG time, we’ve already switched to widescreen.

My boyfriend hates it, but I insist on watching everything in widescreen if I can.

I discovered the difference watching "The King and I" (I know, I’m weird, I like musicals).... there’s one scene that confused me, because it seems like the guy’s talking to himself, but in the widescreen version, *poof*, there’s someone to the left of him! I’ll never go back.

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