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games for girls

I watched Chris talk with a lady about Gaming Goes Girl-Crazy on Call For Help this morning (its yesterday ep that I see in the mornings). It was kinda interesting, but I’m not positive if I agree with Ms. Katz on her assumptions of what women want.

Yes, some of her suggestions appeal to me, but there was just this hint of "girls don’t like boy games", and I think I do like boy games. Hmmmmm. Well, here’s the games on my shelf. What does it tell you about me?

  • The Sims (plus hot date and living large), Sim City 3000
  • Civ II, Civ III
  • Star Wars Rebellion
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon
  • Spyro I, II, and III for Playstation

Well, its obvious that I need some new games, but do you think these are things Girls like particularly?

I particularly disagree with the quote:

"Women and girls, unless they are in the profession, do not read game magazines," Katz says, "so they don’t anticipate a game coming out."

I do pay attention to these things, and get excited for new releases. Maybe its my techie background or maybe its my techie husband, though smile


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Why is your list full of so many girlie games? smile JK, I actually agree with you... that kind of statement seems to be a little TOO generalized...

I have all the Civs (especially CTP), Zeus, and Emperor that I just bought. I also used to love Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter and I’ve read video game magazines since I was in middle school. Yeah, not agreeing with her very much. smile

I wait for every Sims release, I only dislike that it takes quite a bit longer to be released on a mac. Have you played Caesar and Pharoah?

I don’t play games, but I would hate to think everything is so gender specific.

I have to disagree with the sentiments that girls don’t play boy games - I’ve encountered a number of *very* talented female players in some of the most masculine games I’ve played. smile Though (and I mean no offense), when I look at your list, those are mostly unisex games at best. When they say "boy games," I immediately pictured games like Quake III, Half-life, Neverwinter Nights, Medal of Honor, Grand Theft Auto. But I definitely have known girls who play these games and enjoy them quite a lot, though not nearly as many as I have known boys who play them.

I just bet you’ll be getting the Sims Unleashed expansion pack, won’t you? wink

and if not...why not!? smile

Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Bust a Move, Bust a groove, Dance Dance Revolution, Parappa the Rappa, Umajama Lammy, Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9, Crash Bandicoot, Mario Sunshine, all the Sonic the hedgehog games.

however my ex GF loved Grand Theft Auto 3.

Most of those are on Playstation and on Dreamcast there is the most "Girl Game" ever made SPACE CHANNEL FIVE!!!