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Empowered Female

Kymberlie did it, and I’m following along smile

You are Melissa Etheridge!

You are natural and down-to-earth, what you see is what you get. You don’t pull any punches, and your honesty and integrety shine through in every thing you do. People value your straightforwardmanner and mellow attitude.
Take the "Which Empowered Female Artist Are You" Quiz

Hey, that fits. And it seems like Melissa Etheridge is a singer that I should like, but I don’t have many songs of hers. Any recommendations? smile


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"Come to my window?" - I thought I had some Mellisa Ethridge songs, but apparently I am deluded. :0

And, as you can see from my Trackback, I’m Ani Difranco! smile I went through a HUGE Ani phase a while back, right after I exhausted myself with Poe. smile

I’m Ani Difranco and I don’t even know who she is! LOL!

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