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Buffy Soundtrack!

That sweet Lisa went and sent me another CD - the Buffy Soundtrack! Its absolutely fabulous - I love it. Its so nice to hear the songs in the quality they were originally made in instead of taped off the tv ones. Thank you SO much, Lisa!! smile


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You are very very welcome! Thanks for making it so easy to set up a photoblog! smile

Woo, is it the "Buffy soundtrack" or is it "Once More With Feeling"? I never felt the need to get the soundtrack, but I’m hoping to pick up Once More With Feeling sometime.

Oh, well, yeah, its Once More with Feeling - I don’t know why I posted it backwards!!! I do have the Buffy Soundtrack, and its good too smile

hey, I need Once More (with) Feeling, I wanna take one song from there to do a dance. My group has always won, well as much we can contest. Anyway I need it to Fryday. So i have to burn it tommorrow. Am i making any sense? Coz im wishing so hard to get it...can someone help me??

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