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friday blogs V

Friday Blogs
To following in my footsteps from the last few weeks, I’m gonna give the spotlight to a few more blogs this week. I missed a few weeks because I didn’t have as much time to surf and find new blogs, so if you’d like to catch up, I set up a category to keep track of these posts
  1. JoniElectric.com - I found Joni from the MT forums and I’ve had a lot of fun reading her blog since then.
  2. Unix Gal - another find from the MT forums - Lisa is cool, and she sent me CDs! Even though I don’t know anything about Unix, I do enjoy getting along with geeky girls ;)
  3. Bottled Voices - Mandie has some great frequent posts, and I’m really starting to enjoy reading them.
  4. Infinite Pink - I was mainly intrigued to start with because its another pink Christine smile And then I got caught in by her fun posts!
  5. Muddlepie - it seems like I heard of Dana’s site a long time ago - Maybe from Dara (formerly Mirskyink)’s site? She’s part of theredkitchen , too.


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I keep finding cool sites via the forum too. I think it is proof that cool people use MT! ;)

I should start posting them instead of just surreptitiously adding them to my 'new' blogroll - the one that is longer than all the rest because I can’t keep up with them to add them into other categories, of which I need way more! smile

Well, truthfully, this is the only time I really go through my New Loves blogroll!! I sort out blogs from the New that I really find wonderful into my Daily Loves, and sort out the newest of the bunch and post about them here. So yeah, I still didn’t quite make it through my sorting today, but got to 5 before I got through them all. :giggle:

I love Friday finds. It definitely appeals to my lazy side, letting you do all the work introducing me to cool blogs. smile It’s perfect, especially since our tastes in blogs are so similar.

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