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grocery shoppin

I went grocery shopping in the middle of the night again. I mean, what else am I gonna do while awake with yet another building falling down dream? So I had groceries coming between 11 and 1. I was downstairs with E eating until at least 11:45, and then we came upstairs, and I kept it silent in here so I could listen. The only time I was in a spot that I couldn’t hear was a few minutes changing the laundry. But darn it, I went downstairs and found a note on my door saying they had missed me. Crapola. So now I have to wait until between 2:30 and 3 now for my groceries. And be downstairs during GH so that I make sure I don’t miss it again. I hate it when I mess up on stuff like this!


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I’m sure some delivery people are sneaky like that. We used to get "you weren’t here" cards from couriers all the time when we were home all day. Some of them need lessons in how to knock, I think! It used to make me feel like I was going mental, like maybe I HAD gone out! Now when I’m expecting something, I get nothing done for the rest of the day, I’m just waiting, and watching. smile

I used to love GH, but now I think it’s on SKY (kinda like cable, I suppose) and I don’t get it. It’s quite strange, the networks (all 4 channels!) get heaps of HBO programmes and other cable shows, but SKY gets a soap! Strange! smile

Who do you use? Albertson’s, Safeway or neither? smile Homegrocer.com was so cool.

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